Hello and welcome to RTB’s blog!

The idea of this blog is to share the ‘wisdom’ I’ve learnt over the last few decades on a variety of subjects, such as Health & Fitness, Travel, the Automotive world and my obsession with cars, along with a few tips I’ve discovered in other areas, such as DIY, childcare, and to offer advice & opinions on many varying subjects including saving money – such as using the TopCashBack site, which has literally saved me over a thousand pound since I joined.

Also please visit my main site, myasto.com, which I’ve just launched, which will feature fun quizzes, useful links and interesting articles.

Everything in my blog are my own opinions based on my personal experience and I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I say (see my disclaimer!), but hopefully you find something useful or at least mildly entertaining.

Also – I like squirrels 🙂

I love squirrels!
I love squirrels!

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